Are You Kidding???

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Mar 25, 2005

Ray said "Experiences like that are not enjoyable..."

I reply: Actually, it WAS enjoyable! In fact, it was such a no-big-deal thing that the incident very nearly passed without any particular notice at all. We laughed, we hooted, we enjoyed each other's company on the water, and at the end of the day had an ice cold Mexican beer with lime.

Part of what I'm trying to convey here is that kayaking skills are FUN!!! Why, I spent an hour this very afternoon rolling my Guilly just for the joy of it. I'm rusty after the winter's haitus, but my "bomb-proof" roll, the Pawlata, or extended paddle, roll, has yet to fail me... even offshore! Such an easy thing...

For those who may fear rolling because they're not sure they will be able to get out if things go awry, let me tell you my problem: staying IN the boat in the event of a failed roll! If you mess up a roll, you're outa the cockpit and breathing all the air you want, in half a heartbeat! Learn to roll *without a skirt* if you still have fears -- it's even easier that way!!

Cheers, Kurt

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