Re: fore bulkhead too low

Posted by Paul on Mar 25, 2005

I had the same problem. Here's what I did to solve it.

On the forward side I pressed in masking tape into a fillet-shaped curve over the joint through the hatch opening where I had good access. From the cockpit side I could only reach in with my arm - no head room to see what I was doing. So... I loaded up my gloved finger with a dollop of schmutz and reached in to apply it to the joint/gap and smooth it to a fillet shape with my gloved finger. The tape on the back side acted like a form for the schmutz and on the cockpit side I just repeated that move until it was obvious I had enough goo in there to fill the whole gap. From then on it was just smoothing the fillet with my gloved finger until it resembled something I could live with. Since that fillet is down where only my feet could see it, no problema! Strip the masking tape off after the mass sets up.

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