Re: Magnetic Paint

Posted by RogerJ on Mar 25, 2005

Hi Mac, et al. I have rejoined the working world. The job description is part time but the hours are more like full time. I have had to make some minor repairs to my old Shop Smith and learn how to set it up for functions other than table saw ( I don't have the manual ). My Shop Smith is the same model as Dad's, Mom recalls him buying his in '47. Dad Has passed several years ago so I borry accessories from his from time to time. I am continuing to work on the canoe when hours permit. Thinkin' about that stripper deck. One of the contributors posted some photos of what I'd like to do (John from Dallas?) months ago. still trying to find a source for the wood. RogerJ

In Response to: Re: Magnetic Paint by Mac on Mar 22, 2005