Re: Careful.

Posted by Mark Camp on Mar 25, 2005

Above in this thread someone asked 'What was meant by "proven" design--proven in controlled testing, or proven by field experience with the design?'

Good question.

To net it out, the person making the original statement answered the question: 'the latter', and gave his credentials.

Good answer.

Especially if you strip away the rest of the post, which was given over to off-target ad hominem sarcasm against the poor chap who simply asked a question, and the building and destroying of straw men about design diversity, Apple Pie, etc.

Science and Engineering are still very much alive, thank you, but it would take something like the Civil Rights movement to "desegregate" the stitch and glue culture and allow them a seat in the back of the room.

It's a seat-of-the-pants, skilled artisan's world, so just sit back and enjoy it, and if you find some useful results and formulas for us other builders who don't mind using a calculator, and who haven't built 900 boats, then share them with the underground by email, not here.

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