Maine kayak registration

Posted by t. harper on Mar 25, 2005

We have dodged it once again. For those of you who have not heard, the state of Maine tried to impose a registration fee on kayaks and non-moterized canoes. Yes, the fee was only $10.00 but the fine could be as high as $500.00.

If passed, as part of Maine's budget, it would have meant non-residents having to register too.

In a State where 25% of the population is on welfare and the traditional heavy industries such as pulp & paper have been regulated, taxed and "greened" out of existence, and outdoor recreation is considered to be the silver bullet, this tax simply was an example of killing the goose that laid the golden egg.

Too all who raised there voice, thank you. But, beware, it will come back again unless we vote these people out and elect people who understand the importance of not spending money we simply do not have and who actually use the word "no".

To the Maine Audubon Society,and other alegedly "green" groups who supported this tax, I thumb my nose at you. You supported this measure which punished people for using environmentally friendly transportation. My trust is gone.


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