Posted by mike noeske on Mar 25, 2005

I will be putting the Sea Line controls on my WR18. But for what its doesn't look to me (right now) that the Sea Line controls can easily be attached by any other means than the "bolt thru the hull" method, it is also the CLC recommended method. The mounting hardware goes into a threaded hole in the controls. The frame work for the controls is a extruded aluminum shape, closed over where the mounting hardware attaches. I think if you modify the controls by drilling a hole to be able to get a nut and a socket in to attach it, would compromise the structural integrity of the part.

Of course you could mount the controls to something and then mount that to the inside of the hull with the studs if you want.

I'm still thinking of mounting options, maybe I'll come up with something thats not to complacated or klugie looking.


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