Re: out of reach fillets

Posted by LeeG on Mar 24, 2005

That's exactly the thing for putting in the small fillet inside the kayak cockpit up against the deck/bulkhead. Upside down and hanging from the garage ceiling you can reach right in. Ditto for laying down interior deck/hull seam tape on kayaks that don't have sheer clamps. With one end of the kayak touching the 8' ceiling and the other end touching the floor the kayak is rotated sideways. You can reach in the hatch, pour a couple ounces of slightly thickened goop down the seam. Most of it settles into an angled end pour. After it cures up a bit it's easy to lay in a 3 1/2' piece of tape through the hatch over the tiny fillet. After it cures flip it over and do the same on the other side. You end up with an end pour that is v shaped instead of a solid block.

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