Re: CLC Internal Footbrac

Posted by Paul on Mar 24, 2005

Greg, I hav'nt used the internal studs ,so I'm not sure if you just glue them on or what. I think I,d be inclined to glue them ,then cut a piece of 3" tape ,nip a small hole in the centre,place it over the thread so as to cover the flat base then wet it out. Put some masking tape over the thread so as not to get any epoxy on it. Foot braces can have at times,(mainly in surf conditions),ALL of your body weight AT velocity on them ,should you nose dive on a wave . Just glue may not be enough holding power.

Just my AUS $0.02cents worth.

Cheers Paul

In Response to: CLC Internal Footbrace by Vike on Mar 24, 2005