Re: tape in cockpit?

Posted by Scot on Mar 24, 2005

Peter, that cracked me up. Are you serious about the acetone thinning? I had been watching this interesting thread (- a little woried when it started going to engineering school)! So, we're talking about strength and hulls "unzipping" and stuff, and you mention thinning your resin for easier wet-out. THAT's more likely to cause a strength issue than whether or not to add a strip of 4oz tape. I recall System Three literature (I think) mentioning thinning limits, but that thinning does decrease strength of the cured resin. Makes sense in a chemical reaction right? Now I realize you probably added just a tiny splash and will likely never notice a difference, but still... One reason I prefer to use WEST's 207 resin is that it was specifically designed for the sort of applications we have with clear coated, composite hulls. It wets out cloth real nicely! But the best way to improve any epoxy for wetting out our cloth is to warm it slightly. In sunny southern California I set my jugs out in the sun when I get going in the morning. Others use warm water baths to warm the resin. The warmer the resin, the smaller the batches, though. (Always avoid smoking pots of leftover resin.)

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