Re: Sea Skills vs Judgeme

Posted by Tony Calvert on Mar 24, 2005

Learning to roll gives you alot of confidence and confidence can make you a better kayaker, it can also make you a kayaker that thinks they are better than they really are.

I'm lucky as I kayak with a guy who has about 30 years of experience and he is very concious of the ability and experience levels of all of us who paddle with him. He will push you but is also the first to recognise that it may be time to head for shore.

My best lesson was learnt in a river, I had a bomb proof roll in the pool and hadn't missed one in quite a while in my sea kayak. But in 2 hours in a local river I was in the water three times because I was unable to brace or roll properly in a real world situation.

I now try to get out in as much rough water, as possible, that is close to shore so I can hone my skills and maybe survive when I get caught out in the real world or even better recognise when I need to get off the water because conditions are exceeding my ability to cope.

Thanks for the thread Kurt, it is a good thing to be very weary of mother nature. Although she provide some wonderous things she can also be unforgiving at times.

Cheers Tony

In Response to: Sea Skills vs Judgement by Kurt Maurer on Mar 23, 2005