High Praise indeed

Posted by Karl on Mar 24, 2005

Especially coming from a veteran such as yourself, Kurt. Yes, I am very happy with the visual results of my first homebuilt kayak, but...

I made my share of mistakes. The coaming stack issue that Mac was talking about being one of them. My coaming pieces slid a little under the clamps, nothing I couldn't take care of with a drum sander chucked into a drill. I have some runs (internal) that I wasn't sure how to deal with so I closed 'em up under the deck, tucked away in the darkness, and not for public viewing.

The flip side is that I now know how to deal with some of this stuff, and it won't happen again (50 lashes if it does). The mistakes I made were due largely to impatience combined with lack of experience. I now have a little more of both. Heck the sunset thing was born, not only of a desire to have something a little different from everybody else, but also because I oversanded the bare deck around the forward scarf, and started to burn the top layer.

Am I rambling? Yeah I think I am. At any rate one of the things I learned with this project was not to be too afraid of trying something different. Making mistakes is not necessarily the end of the world. Just step back, don't get too upset, and stir the mental pot a bit. There might be a way to take a weakness and turn it into a strength, if you let it simmer.

When all else fails, post it here, You folks are pretty good at bailing us out.


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