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Posted by Mac on Mar 23, 2005

Just to muddy the waters some more - I only use 2" tape for all seams in my 4mm hulls, except the cockpit, which I glass with 6oz cloth inside and out with no tape at all. I find the glass cloth lays much easier without the tape. I also have the very smallest fillets I can make - using my gloved fingers instead of tongue depressors.

Like Terry said, nothing has fallen apart yet - or even groaned.

I think we have to consider the size of the boat, the size of the paddler and the intended use. The panels in a CH18 are huge compared to a CH16 or a Hawk, and much more prone to flexing. The larger boat will usually be carrying a heavier paddler, thus impacts will be greater and extra glass would be a plus as would wider tape and fillets.

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