Re: Magnetic Paint

Posted by Mark Camp on Mar 23, 2005

Before experimenting recklessly with this new finish, I hope you will consider this news item:

CRAWDADNOSTRIL, TX Seven local residents were treated and released Monday after a close brush with tragedy.

They were on a 3 hour kayaking trip in magnetic kayaks from Ray Bob's Magnetic Kayak Rentals in nearby Lodestone Bay. They had just reached the vicinity of the sunken cargo ship "Lady Dookieschmutz", which went down in the late 1980's while carrying a load of Alnico to a Taiwanese maker of super-premium joy buzzers.

Billy Bob Krutzenblenkster, one of the unfortunate weekend boaters, said that if they hadn't been wearing their non-ferrous PFD's, it could have been much worse.

"When we got near the wreck, the lead boat started moving in a circle, faster and faster and then she started to nose under. My friend, Bubba, slipped out just in time, but by then, the rest of the boats followed like we was draftin' the lead car at Daytona."

Proprietor Roscoe "Needles" Gymbal was glad all his customers got out without major injuries, but says he has just about had it with the magnetic kayaking business.

The hapless businessman said, "I opened this shop 18 months ago, and since then, every single kayak that has gone out has been sucked into the bottom of the bay, never to be seen again! The industry needs to take a good hard look at where the whole magnetic kayaking hobby is headed, but they are so hooked on profits from replacing the kayaks that they don't see the problem. Maybe it's time for Washington to step in and save this industry, because otherwise, many jobs are going to be lost." When asked by a reporter, won't there also be a lot of kids who had dedicated their whole lives to getting to the magnetic kayaking Nationals, who will then be going out on the street, probably taking drugs or possibly getting eating disorders?", Mr. Gymbal replied, "Yessir."

In the Weekender Edition: The Post-Tattler takes an inside look at the ironic attraction of magnetic kayaking that causes so many youth to lose their bearings.

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