Re: fore bulkhead too low

Posted by Howard on Mar 23, 2005


if the space is 1/8 to 3/ can fill that gap with a thick epoxy/woodflour fillet (peanut butter consistency) applied with a wide popsicle stick/tongue depressor. if you get the epoxy thick can work without a dam.

in the past i have applied this two ways...from the forward hatch side...if you have one...and from the cockpit.

when i do the cockpit side, i tape a tongue depressor to a 2 1/2ft section of spare sheer clamp material with duct tape. i use this tool so you can reach into the boat and reach the bulkhead while only putting your heads and hand in the cockpit.

you will need to work with the boat upside down on sawhorses and with a flashlight resting on the underside of the deck to iluminate the bulkhead.

i use the blunt end of the stick to push epoxy up against and into the bulkhead/deck gap...and then turn it around and use the tongue depressor end to smooth the fillet out. keep a lot of paper towels handy to clean up the stick and use the stick to remove excess epoxy that did not end up where you wanted it.

its worth "rehearsing" this a bit just to get a sense of what you will do and where you will need to have your body, the stick and your filleting material so that you can get it all done in one pass.


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