Re: Dressing Up the Coami

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Mar 22, 2005

Howard sez: " would be hidden underneath the coaming rim..."

True enough, but I suggest that after a few boats this is no longer quite good enough. Let's face it: YOU know the mess is there. And then, you somehow get a load of a really nicely built boat somewhere, and you take a peek under the rim, and you see... well, you know... Prozac, 150 mg twice a day...

You guys who have a couple boats under yer belts need to broaden your horizons. I know you do not yet have a couple of boats under your belt, but I am impatient. I want you to develop fully controllable ways of building coamings so that they go in clean, easily, and professional-looking.

Another let's-face-it for you: "professionals" don't do things so nicely because they have built lots of stuff, so much as they do it very nicely because they HAVE to. Paying customers involved, y' dig? So it follows that if you step up your own personal requirements for quality, your results will improve accordingly. I ask you to give it a thought, in the hope that you will someday write me into your will for having improved your life so dramatically.

Here's another tip for you: Those strip-built coamings are easier to build than plywood ones... or at least the same. And they're just as strong. AND, they look better - who will deny it?

And yet another clue: figure out how to build the coaming without the necessity of gluing it to the boat as your starting point. It not only can be done, but isn't that hard. And talk about control! It's the way towards a flawless coaming as seen from above... AND below.

Mac, while I have that K1 ready to fly, I haven't gotten it wet just yet. But just this afternoon I bashed my Guilly about in the Galveston surf, and at one point was wet-exited way too far out to swim back in. Water still kinda cold, too. So I reentered inverted, rolled back up, and leisurely pumped the cockpit dry, reattached my sprayskirt, and surfed back in shouting and whooping all the way. It was wonderful!

Cheers, Kurt

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