Re: Dressing Up the Coami

Posted by Howard on Mar 22, 2005

i think you will be fine with 1/2 inch thick i would sand it to get it where you want it.

have you already put the hatch rim on so you can continue to monitor the thickness?

the only area i would even think of having concern is the concentration of stress between the coaming and the deck when you pick the boat up by the coaming. but i am pretty confident that 1/2 thick overlapp of the deck all around the coaming will be just fine.

1/2 inch, in and of itself, is a perfectly strong thickness for a coaming.

if for some reason you want to be a bit more conservative, you could put a 3/16 to 1/4 inch fillet on the outside of the coaming between the coaming and deck. it would be hidden underneath the coaming it would not really be visible...but would increase the contact area of the coaming to the deck....this technique, fwiw, is used on the arctic hawk coaming.


In Response to: Dressing Up the Coaming by Mac on Mar 22, 2005