Re: Please 'glass the dec

Posted by Jon on Mar 22, 2005

Thanks all for the replies and I'll go with the majority and glass the deck. For the interest of all you cold weather builders, my LT17 is being built in tropical Queensland, Australia - my build challenge is that I've been working in temperatures of over 90 degrees fahrenheit over the past few weeks - using West Systems super slow 209 catalyst, and still needing to move pretty fast. Cloth specs here are in grams / metre, and I'm using 100 gram cloth which is around the 4 ounce mark. I sure had fun translating all those inches and fractions into centimetres and millimetres! The boat is being constructed in a local marine ply - Hoop Pine, which hopefully will come out a fine buttery pale yellow - I'll post some pics at the end. The ply is of course only available in metric sizes of 2400 by 1200 millmetres, which is slighly smaller than the 8 foot by 4 foot sheets - entailing an extra scarf joint in the rear side panels. However, so far, so good. Thanks all for the advise.

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