Dressing Up the Coaming

Posted by Mac on Mar 22, 2005

Me again.

I've just roughed out the coaming stack with the killer Shinto rasp.

My stack is based on 6 pieces of 4mm okoume (3 per side). The fronts and backs lined-up perfectly with the deck's center lines (also two piece) but I've noticed that the spacers and coaming top pieces wandered under the multitude of clamps, and I now have some some layers that may be proud by a 1/16" or shy by the same degree.

I'm tempted to simply keep grinding away untill everything lines up ie: 9 equal ply edges (very pretty) with no low spots full of milky cabosil'd epoxy.

The down side might be strength loss? My two spacers are only 1/2" wide. In which case I consider filling the gaps with wood-floured schmoo and getting a real interesting mixture of ply edge and chocolate putty.

Has anyone faced this dilema? What did you do?

Thank's, and have a great Spring day!