Re: Glassing deck - or no

Posted by LeeG on Mar 22, 2005

I glassed the deck of CLCs demo LT16 after it had been in demo use for a few years. It turned out well. Not as hard as I thought it would be and the area under the coaming worked out. Working in a warm shop helps. On the other hand I added another layer of 4oz glass to a friends 5yr old Coho that already had a layer of 4oz glass (it was being overbuilt for some major camping in Maine)and there was a lot of splotchy variation in color. Being able to take down the epoxy to the surface of the wood in the original LT16 eliminated a lot of old epoxy. On the Coho re-glassing job it didn't take much of a layer of old epoxy to show through the new glass/epoxy. I guess the story is that having a bright finish on re-glassed epoxied wood can still come out attractive but adding more glass on a previously glassed area is harder to blend in.

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