Re: Bow / Stern Alignment

Posted by Laszlo on Mar 21, 2005


I'm gonna be the grinch here and say that you should fix that before you get much further. The main reason is that it's so easy to fix. The only problem you have there is that some of the stitches along the hull are too tight and are pulling the bottom forward. I had the same problem on my 16LT and simply loosening all the stitches and sliding things along fixed it just fine. I would have been happy with a 1/8 inch tolerance, but with a little tweaking they lined up better than 1/16th.

So go for it and line up the bits. Since excessively tight stitches also cause hull twist, there'll be a better chance of a straight hull if you fix things now.

And, after all, this is the basic structure of your boat, not some mostly cosmetic thing like varnish (which almost everyone seems to be willing to spend infinite tweaking time on).

Either way, good luck, you've almost got a hull.


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