Re: Skerry Rendezvous 200

Posted by Greg Swarthout on Mar 20, 2005

John I'm not sure what an ideal location would look like but Lake Ovid in Sleepy Hollow State Park is a 400 acre no-wake lake located 20 miles north of Lansing Michigan. I visited there this winter but have never sailed on it. Perhaps others who have kayaked there could comment on it.

"beguiling and photogenic" - John have you thought of offering a video catalogue of CLC's products? 45 minute footage of the kayaks, 45 of the larger boats, 10 on the company, 10 on stich & glue, leave 30 minutes open for next years releases, whatever the combination you could sell it for twenty bucks, refundable when a kit is ordered. What I'm thinking is, we find the right location, bring all of the CLC display models, anounce that a film crew will be there, and see if we can't fill that lake with okoume.


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