Skerry Rendezvous 2005

Posted by CLC on Mar 20, 2005

Over at the Skerry forum there's been discussion of an official Skerry gathering this Summer. CLC would be the organizing body.

I have established June 25-26 as the date of the rendezvous and Wisconsin, Illinois, or Michigan as the locale.

Now I need feedback from Skerry builders. Any RSVP's? How about a favorite lake with a good beach and a sympathetic State Park administration?

The format is to-be-determined, though I'll offer that the vision of a dozen Skerries jostling at the layline for the windward mark in a race is both beguiling and photogenic. It'd be thrilling just to have a bunch of the boats in one place, even if we do nothing more than compare notes and admire each other's Skerries.

We'll bring T-shirts, chow, and informal prizes, OkoumeFest-style. SkerryFest?