Piantedosi wing instal

Posted by CLC on Mar 19, 2005

>>>>>>It looks like these trapezoid-shaped "L" brackets (with levelling slot) should be bonded to the floor, but there are no holes in the bottom surface.


Page 4 of the Oxford Shell plans has four drawings detailing the installation of the Piantedosi Row Wing.

The horizontal tongues of the L-shaped brackets slide beneath the wooden "hold down brackets" (see Page 4), clamping the rig in place. To remove, just slide the rig aft and lift it out. I wouldn't recommend gluing the metal Piantedosi componetry in place, as that would make it difficult to install and remove quickly.

Our Oxford Shell has used this scheme with a Piantedosi Row Wing for nine years now (!) and it's holding up well; someone is taking ours out tomorrow morning.

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