Re: Winding Check

Posted by Mac on Mar 19, 2005


Checking if your hull has "wound" is easy. (I think this is also a critical step in kayak building, and may not be given the attention it deserves).Get two very straight boards about 8' long (like 1"x3"s). Place them across the gunwales about 4 feet in from bow and stern. Go sight along bow and stern from about 20 feet from the boat (you're in a car port, so this should be do-able). Any winding will be very obvious as the ends of the planks won't line up. (ie: boards won't be parallel) You should be able to hide the farthest board completely behind the nearest. If you have a long bubble level, you can place in on the boards' centers as well (another cool tool you can convince dear wife that you "need").

Have fun.


In Response to: Re: Cradle Forms for a CH by Greg G. on Mar 18, 2005