Re: Cradle Forms for a CH

Posted by Greg G. on Mar 18, 2005

I am about 3/4 of the way through my CH17LT and I also followed Moores book. The cradles were nice, although I made mine the same height as the side panels which proved to get into the way as I was working down the shear clamps with my plane, so you might want to make them a little shorter. As far as checking the "wind" I did't have any trouble in the cradles. I just put a pin in the center of the bow and stearn and pulled a tight string. This gave me a centerline to measure the "trueness" of the boat. Mine turned out fine, only 2-3mm out of true. As far as rounding the sheer clamps - I ran a router down the full length of the sheer and did a 1/4 round-over, turned out fine and there was no problem with the bulkhead fillet. Hope that helps!

In Response to: Cradle Forms for a CH16?? by Matt Croce on Mar 18, 2005