JUST did a recore

Posted by Charlie Jones on Mar 14, 2005

job on the side underdecks of a 25 footer. The chain plates had leaked and alllowed the core to rot. Had to glass straight overhead, since you ain't turning a 5600 pound boat upside down- not easily anyway.

Four years ago I redid the under deck of a 14 footer where I had to reach inside to get to where I was glassing- the new glass was going up and forward, through a deck plate- this was a repair of a hole (damage).

Also- some years ago I built a 35 foot trimaran. The underwings got glassed on that- they were 48 inches wide (used 52 inch glass I think) and 28 feet long. THAT little job took three people- one holding the roll of cloth, one rolling resin onto the underwing and one rolling the cloth INTO the wet resin, and rolling on more resin as needed. Oh and there were TWO sides to the boat too.

So there's a few instances for ya. Granted, the average home builder isn't getting into stuff like that, but it CAN happen *grin*

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