Whats a BWCAW?

Posted by Ken Leffert on Mar 13, 2005

and Charlie's right, not enough weight to worry about ..... 2 pounds would mean that you had put an extra quart of epoxy/hardener mixture in there (not figuring anything for the woodflour weight, which I think would be negligible). By your figures of using twice as much fillet as necessary, you would have had to have used a half gallon of mixture for your fillets. Did you use that much?

If you save the little epoxy pucks that are left over in the bottoms of your mixing cups (if you don't save them, you should), experiment with them a little, put them in a bowl of water and notice how slowly they sink (they will sink). Even the ones mixed with wood flour sink, just more slowly. I've had some mixed with wood flour that actually float?? Silly little experiments, I know, but the bottom line is that epoxy is deceptive, its not as heavy as you think!

In Response to: Re: couple of pounds by Rocko McCombs on Mar 13, 2005