Re: final epoxy coats

Posted by Howard on Mar 13, 2005


the clc website, in the shop tips section, has a great article and some pictures on the topic of how do you know when you have filled the weave.

on your primer question, the main reason for the primer is to help you get a super smooth finish for the paint. but when done correctly, there is actually very little primer left on the boat. so it's not there to really save you significant sanding time or to fill the weave...but to take care of little pin-holes and swirls that can be left in the epoxy that show through a paint finish.

a number of folks actually just continue to sand the epoxy with finer grades of paper and dispense with primer.

as to how much epoxy should you have left, if you are really careful about not wasting epoxy and not putting too much in the boat....its pretty easy to use only 2/3 of what clc provides.

clc, in my oppinion, is really good about giving you plenty of materials (epoxy and cloth) to allow for folks at all skill levels to get the project done without having to come back for more.

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