final epoxy coats

Posted by Vic F on Mar 13, 2005

As a first timer with a Ch17 kit, I have a few questions... After my 3rd thin coat of epoxy on glassing the hull, there is still weave showing. I have decided to paint the hull, and will use the primer at CLC. (of course, to create more contrast with the deck, not too correct any errors or anything like that...wink wink). Do I have to completely fill in the weave, or will the primer fill it in properly, leaving a lighter boat. I am finding the epoxy to be a little difficult to get smooth. I am heating with a kero heater, and I have found a few spots where it refuses to smooth out, perhaps where it was too close to the heater. By the way, how much epoxy should I have left at this point? I think I might have been a little giddy with it in the beginning. Hey, I am having a blast though.