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Posted by Laszlo on Mar 13, 2005

I've got to disagree a little with Howard. The CLC boats are very good sailing boats, though not necessarily good racing sailing boats. They're more for people who want to sail to go somewhere and see things, rather than for those who want to sail to beat someone across a finish line. As such, their lack of marconi rigs and complicated tackle is a feature, not a bug.

He is right that it could be cheaper to buy rather than build, but that assumes that you can find the type of boat you want already built. CLC boats tend to be lighter for their size than production boats, especially fiberglass ones, and by building your own you know that you're paying for a solid structure instead of marketing gimmicks. You know exactly the quality of material that was used and are totally qualified to repair it.

I've sailed both the Jimmy Skiff and the Skerry and found them to be both very easy to sail, especially once CLC switched from the loose-footed sprit-rig on the Skerry to the current one with the boom. Though once you get good with a loose-footed sprit you should be able to handle anything else well.

The Jimmy is going to be easier to build, but I find the Skerry better looking. The Jimmy makes a slapping sound as it goes along, the Skerry gurgles. The Jimmy will carry a larger load. They both went about the same speed.

If you're good with your hands, enjoy building things, don't mind some extra time before you get on the water and are going out alone or with 1 friend, I'd say the Skerry, otherwise the Jimmy.

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