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Posted by c. mac neill on Mar 12, 2005

hoy Duke

kind of need more info

do you just want to day sail by yourself

how large are you have sailing friend that just does not fit in my 17 ft boat

or bring along famly and friends

think you might want to camp cruse think sailboat racing might catch your fancy

are these small lakes or large lakes what kind of wind is there lots of powerboat traffic are you thinking of a strictly for sailing boat or a mixed use boat where do you want or can you to keep the boat at lake in/on lake at lake on trailer mast up at home on trailer got to put mast up take mast down car top no trailer

if you just want to learn to sail see if there are any nearby sailing clubs some give lessons cheep some not so cheep

kid usualy learn sailing prams like the east port pram or opti pram

with adults it much easer to teach sailing in larger 19 to 20 ft boats flying scott or cal 20 come to mind

am sailing instructor at my sailing club we use 19 ft flying scott's for adult learn to sail program

if you have your heart set on building a boat and learning to sail it of the CLC boats

from the standpoint of a onedesign Thistle sailer ( read crazy mad racing machine sailer ) i find that Johns Sharpie most intresting looks like good daysailer with campcruse potential

for starting out new sailer the Jimmy Skiff looks good

mind i haven't built a boat in over 30 years

but have been looking at the Mill Creek with sail rig as a 2nd boat

also the article of Jan and Mead gunking holeing their sailing canoe/kayaks north channel has caught my fancy

oh sry got off subject will check here tommrow hope i can answer some of your question with out asking more questions

yours truly Mac

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