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Posted by Howard on Mar 12, 2005

sounds like an interesting project.

have never tried it but here is how i would start to analyze the problem....

- how does the CLC kayak selector page paddler weight range and max weight line up with the expected weight of you using the boat as a tandem? when i took a quick look...the northbay had a max paddler weight of only about 200 lbs with overall load of only 230 lbs. as i see it...the hull is not you have to fall within the carrying capacity of the hull.

- will you conceivably fit/be comfortable. the north bay is a pretty skinny boat. measure out the lenghts of the two cockpits on the boat and check the boat width and height at the seat and foot locations. will you and your wifes butt and feet fit into these locations...will it be comfortable?

- what are your respective weights and are you closely matched? most tandems are either a bit longer or certainly wider than a standard north bay allowing them to stay "in trim" (level when looked at from the side) with variation in the weight of the paddlers. the tighter a tandem is/closer you are to its max carrying capacity....the more important issues of trim/balance become. that is...when at max is more important that the weight is centered properly than when at the lower end of the weight range.

my general sense is that while you might be able to squeeze it in if you are both relatively small and evenly matched...if you are closer to average size will exceed the hulls carrying capacity or it would be a very tight/perhaps uncomfortable fit.

however, from an engineering perspective, i think what you propose (taking off the deck and redoing the bulkheads/rebuilding the deck) is quite conceivable albeit a lot of work for the potential result.

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