Re: Joining a w river 18

Posted by LeeG on Mar 12, 2005

this is one of those areas where folks can go off the farm and do it any old way that works. Just one thing to remember is that epoxy thickened with cabosil or wood flour will stain slightly,,so any appreciable amounts of thickened epoxy that spreads beyond the seam and isn't scraped up immediately will leave an impression later on when applying sealing or wet-out coats. Check out Ted Moores book on constructing three s&g designs for helpful hints. I think he goes through a roll of blue masking tape with tabbing to build a Coho. Epoxy slightly thickened with cabosil and applied by syringe works to hold things together before removing wires. I haven't built that hull to know if the tighter angled panel joint behind the cockpit requires a tiny fillet. Other WR18 builders should chime in on the necessity for any interior fillets or whether glass is sufficient.

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