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Posted by Howard on Mar 11, 2005

wow...i feel for you.

if the deck is already on, the challenge is getting in there with a tool that lets you cut out the bulkhead without exhausting yourself.

i did something similar when i decided to retrofit beckson hatches onto the bulkheads of a boat that i had already completed.

here is what i did. there is a special router bit that is marketed for cutting formica countertops/particle board....but is easily fitted into the head of a hand-drill or dremel tool. it is a long and skinny bit designed not for drilling...but for cutting out patterns. you can pick it up at any home depot type of place.

if your deck is on and you need to get into a tight space with a reach....i know this approach works.

reach in there and carefully cut as close to the hull and deck as possible. after the main bulkhead material is out, carfully use a sharp chisel to take the remaining material down flush to the hull.

use a sanding block to clean up the surface that you have now exposed. and then dress the area with fresh epoxy to reseal any wood that you may have opened up.

mark the new location. and double check your measurement this time. make a sample bulkhead out of cardboard. fit it, sit in the boat, and make absolutely sure you have enough room.

when satisfied, create a new bulkhead out of 4mm okoume (or whatever bulkhead material you are using)using your cardboard mockup for a pattern.

use the same technique of filleting with woodflour-thickened epoxy on both sides of the bulkhead to secure the new bulkhead in place.

you will also probably need to adjust the location of your foot pegs/rails as part of this process.

as frank mentioned...make sure you have dust and eye protection. also you will have to arrange for light so that you can see what you are doing.

take your can be done.


( last may be easier to reach that bulkhead from the forward hatch vs from inside the cockpit. but with the drill/bit approach i am recommending, simply choose the side that is easiest.)

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