Re: Kayak resale

Posted by Howard on Mar 11, 2005


a good place to see what people are selling stuff for is to look on ebay and where you will often see some clc boats being traded/sold. i have also sold several boats to make room for the next round of projects.

the simple view of how much a clcboat is worth is how much you are able to sell it for.

a lot of how much somebody is going to pay is going to be based on your workmanship. if your workmanship is may not even be able to sell it. if your workmanship is good and you can find somebody interested, from my experience, you see most deals getting done for between 900 and 1500.

unfortunately, privately built boats that are not built by recognized craftsman...simply don't attract a lot of buyers. the price they are able to garner is not that much when you consider the cost of materials and your effort. so, other than selling to make room for another project, its a tough way to make a buck.

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