On further investigation.

Posted by Ken Leffert on Mar 11, 2005

I knew I couldn't get an answer right that easily! You've already done the fillets ..... your fix will be a little different. You must have squeezed it pretty good to get it to match up more or less with the bottom panels, if thats the case, you might need to start thinking about end-pours. Its probably best if you do the end-pours next, as long as you do your end-pours with wood-flour thickened epoxy (no microballoons or anything like that). Just seal up the ends really well so your shmoo stays inside there. THEN, after the pours have cured, use a pullsaw to trim off the excess, even with the bottom panels. What you should wind up with is a dark strip of thickened epoxy going right up the center of the stem, will look quite nice after rounding off.

If I have totally missed the mark here, please just write it off as excessive Friday night celebration....

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