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Posted by Ken Leffert on Mar 11, 2005

It would be very difficult glue up the scarf joint for the very front of the deck after installation of the deck, being a scarf joint, it needs some pressure all the way across the joint.

Glue the little front scarf, lay the rear deck on the boat. If you didn't change the location of the rear bulkhead from the plans, you can tell where the rear of the cockpit opening will be (very nearly right over the bulkhead). Take the coaming or a pattern for the coaming, lay it so the the rear of the opening in the coaming is over the rear bulkhead, then cut the rear deck portion of the cockpit hole, but cut it smaller than the cockpit coaming, giving yourself plenty of wood (atleast a couple of inches) that you can trim later to match the coaming stack. DON'T CUT THE HOLE TOO BIG! You can always make it bigger later. Set the rear deck aside and repeat for the front after that little ol' scarf joint is cured .... then you'll be ready to install the deck by your choice of dozens of different means. (What Dave said, only with a lot more ramblin')

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