Re: Tapin' It Up

Posted by Dave Houser on Mar 11, 2005

I did the same for my Yare.

When the deck extends past the shear, during the glue up, the downward pull of the tape causes the deck to flex up. This will cause the deck to not contact the top of the bulkheads (if you added any in the Yare) and the top of the deck beam. And it will also cause the underside of the deck to lift from the inside corner of the shear clamps (that you so painfully rolling beveled).

When you trim the overhang off the deck and round the corner of the shear with a plane you may unhappily discover in spots the deck was only attached to the outside corner of the shear clamp (that you just planed off). It is then difficult to get the leverage with the tape to glue the deck back down. So take a close look at the inside before you whittle away at the shear outside.

When you do you end pours it is not a bad idea to tip your kayak with the end 45 degrees off vertical and rotated so one shear is facing down sloping at that 45 degrees to the end. Then mix and pour half of the planned epoxy on the shear clamp so it runs down the full length of the shear clamp to deck joint. After it sets rotate the kayak about the long axis and do the other shear clamp. Then repeat for the other end pour.

In Response to: Tapin' It Up by Alex Cohen on Mar 10, 2005