Re: Bulkhead #1 on wr 18

Posted by CLC on Mar 11, 2005

>>>>>>Is there a reason this isn't just a deck beam? Maybe I'm missing something about the hull shape in that region but couldn't you just put in a deck beam of the same width and have at it with that?


The WR18 really does need that forming bulkhead to achieve the desired subtlety in the forward sections.

>>>>>>>>>>> As for the amount of space available, yes it's certainly huge but look how much more you've completely eliminated as useful. The WR18 is indeed a very large boat but if you're planning, say a month long excursion, space becomes a premium, and if you're not, the extra space isn't a hindrance.


I don't disagree. Once the hull is "tabbed" and the outside 'glassed, the #1 bulkhead can be taken out without any harm to strength or shape. Lee's suggestion of hotglue works great.

If you don't think you need loads and loads and loads of storage---and a very few of you do----leave #1 in place as directed.

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