Re: Moving bulkhead

Posted by FrankP on Mar 11, 2005

It shouldn't be too difficult. Cut your current bulkhead out as closely as you can to the deck and then move it forward to where you find it comfortable (or it fits with minimal work). Fillet it in there and you should be good. Cut it out using a dremel and a cutoff wheel if you have one (don't forget eye and respiratory protection), or if not, a pull saw might work if you can manage the space. Of course with a pull saw you'll need to make some sort of hole to start from, which may render the bulkhead useless.

To make a new bulkhead use a piece of paper and a pencil with a washer around it. Roll the pencil along the inside edge of your deck to get the radius you need transferred to the paper. then you can just measure the sides with a standard measuring tape. Cut the bulkhead out a little large and then adjust as necessary once you've got the basic shape.


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