Hear Me, My People

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Mar 11, 2005

This is a little the diner asking his host "did you make this steak?", and getting the reply "no, God made it; I just cooked it."

You must all remember that Gober is a little biased towards Yours Truly because I once turned him loose in my Mill Creek 13, which he paddled happily, and then returned to shore with his shoes and socks still on, and dry. And ya gotta admit: that's an impressive thing to be able to do for somebody.

But it doesn't mean I invented the MC13, or the squeegee. I'm merely the messenger, a role in which I am more usually slain for performing.

But thanks for the kind words anyway. Now on to the business of deflating my head bone (hey, I'm easy).

Cheers, Kurt

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