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Posted by Mac on Mar 11, 2005

Gober is a Maurer disciple - shriek! I hope you have lot's of room - orphaned and lost kayaks will follow you home and you will get a LOT of epoxy practice.

Seriously, if you squeegeed the epoxy on, from your description, you are good to go.

Heck, Kurt claims to use only one Texas ounce on his final fill coats, so 3 should do ya fine. (Legend has it that Kurt once refinished the 7th Fleet with a half a can of Raka).

When in doubt during your 80 grit sanding, just stop and wet the area in question. If it looks clear - carry on. If it looks real cloudy - textured like f/g cloth - go finish up the rest of the sanding. You can always spot-apply epoxy to the thin areas later with a squeegee or even a rag if you're loking for a really fine application.

Once you've got the whole boat to an even grey with 80 grit, move up to 300 grit in stages (120, 220, 300).

Clean her up, and you're ready to start all over again with varnish and wet sanding.

Take your time, and enjoy.

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