Re: Bulkhead #1 on wr 18

Posted by Howard on Mar 9, 2005

i would simply install the bulkhead temporarily to get the right hull shape and then after you have glasses the outside of the cockpit...i would remove could install a small deck beam after removing it to help ensure that the hull width does not move and to help ensure proper curvature of the deck at that point.

i have a wr180 (the precursor to the wr18) that has no #1 bulkhead. my understanding is that with the changes in the design to get to the wr18...the number 1 was added to help ensure the panels bend to a slightly different set of curves than the prior design.

so i do not believe it is a strength issue at all. of course, i would also solicit the view of the folks at clc...but based on what i have seen...once you have the hull all epoxied up, you should have no issue removing that bulkhead.

in addition to giving you more will also be one less place for water or dirt to get trapped in your hull....i personally would not want a bulkhead inside an enclosed area like that.


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