Bulkhead #1 on wr 18

Posted by Patrick Forrester on Mar 9, 2005

I am planning on using my wr 18 for a 2 week solo wilderness trip this summer. I need all the space I can get. The wr 18 kit comes with a bulkead in the bow that cuts off a lot of space. I could fit 5 days of food in this area. I have seen similar boats that do not have a bulkhead in the bow ( or it is so far forward that it does not reduce the space ) I have 3 ideas to correct this. #1 Elminate the bulkhead and install a brace that will make it keep its shape. #2 Make a new bulkhead way forward. Like other boats I have seen. #3 Make the opening in the bulkead a lot bigger ( so it is only about 1/2 inch wide ) and reinforce it with fiberglass. Then I can easily use the space ahead of it.

Are any of these ideas going to be a problem for me ? Does the bulkhead serve any critical purpose once everyting is fiberglassed ? What do you think I should do ?