Re: fast epoxy

Posted by CLC on Mar 9, 2005

>>>>>>>If you really want to get to the next step "in 24hrs" you cannot use MAS slow cure for clamped joints at room temperature. >>>>>>>>>>

Although you can't be too careful, I don't agree with that statement. Our shop is around 68 degrees and we take the clamps off scarfs glued with "slow" and handle the panels in around 20 hours. I did it just the other day, and we did it in the 17LT class a few weeks back.

It IS a good observation that it can be much colder down on the floor, and you have to watch that---it may be 68 degrees at workbench level (or thermometer-on-wall level) but 55 down on the floor where your panels are laid out. Watch the cold drafts and use a lightbulb to warm scarf joints overnight if there's any question.

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