Road trip to CLC

Posted by J.Schott on Mar 8, 2005

After selling and buying a house, moving, new job and my wife working 16 hour days for the last 2 months leaving me to fend for myself with our three year old. I have had enough. I have had the idea to build another boat for myself, so I took a road trip to CLC to pick up my materials. I have to say it was just what the doctor ordered. When I walked in the door I was asked if I need some help an I responded "I have come to get some wood and inspiration". I ended up talking to Jeff for about 45 min and he showed me around the shop and let me drool on some of the boats. He showed me the prototype for the SOT model they are working on, which is just a shell at this point. It was in true CLC form, a great looking design. If you like to fish, this boat is going to be right up your alley. It looks like a mill creek hull that has been lowered and the beam streched to about 29". Stability should be great and according to Jeff you can stand up on it and fish.

It was nice to go up and see the shop and the hospitality was truly appreciated. I probably picked the worst day to pick up wood. It was snowing HARD the whole way up and they were in the process of packing up for the show in Madison. They helped me wrap up my wood in plastic and loaded it on my truck, and I left with that good old warm and fuzzy feeling. It is getting hard to find the level of customer service that CLC provides. I am also in the service industry so I know how hard it can be to provide great service at times, but CLC seems to do it no problem. My hat goes off to them, it is nice to see a company that really appreciates it's customers. Can't wait to catch up with them in Charleston in April, hopefully the new yak will be ready for show and tell. I guess my wife will figure out what is going on when the hull is stiched up. I have always said, "It's easier to ask for forgivness than it is premission".