Re: Build Time

Posted by Gavin H on Mar 7, 2005

I recently completed a CH16 and CH17. As a first time builder, I would agree that the build time could be about the 100 hours each(didn't really track time), but for me there was probably atleast another 100 hours in planning, researching, problem solving, setting up and packing up for each work session(most of my work was done outside to control the dust inside the apartment.), maintaining tools (don't underestimate how much easier a sharp plane is to use, or how much you will use it. It could be the single must used tool in the project!), dreaming, beer drinking, etc.

This was my first DIY type project, so for me there was a lot of learning, research and site- specific problems to solve, before each step.

Enjoy the journey


In Response to: Build Time by Shuswap Pat on Mar 7, 2005