Re: Mac, I WEIGHED it for

Posted by Ice - Phil on Mar 6, 2005

Kurt, Not a joke, watch it when you take the boat out of the water. The first time out I had a light boat sitting on the grass with a light breeze blowing. I was just sitting on the grass and something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I turned around to see one end of my boat about 4-5' in the air and the boat spinning on it's axis. I lunged to grab the boat. Another guy I paddle with saw the same thing or some would think I'm nuts. Most do anyway though.

Another thing, send Greg Barton at Epic some pics. and the pic. of the decal. He should be able to provide some insight into your boat's background. I may see him in 2 weeks and I'll mention it to him if I do.


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