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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Mar 6, 2005

Mac, it's all on the web page I linked to... check it out! But what I didn't mention was:

I had an old friend and mentor many years ago who passed away in 1996, and I have missed the old rascal ever since. So a week or two ago Leslie and I are at a small, obscure boat ramp only us locals know about, tossing our yaks on the racks, when a power boat pulls in to "de-launch". Once he has his baby tucked in on its trailer, the young fella comes over to check out our wooden boats. We get to talking, and he turns out to be Old Friend's SON. Of course, I went nuts over this and regaled him with stories about his father from twenty years ago. He cottons to me for obvious reasons, and so mentions this old mess of a kayak, "with an aluminum rudder", he has in his yard, and do I want it?

When we pulled into his driveway a few minutes later, I instantly spotted it laying in the grass beside the garage... and just about had an accident (read into this as you like). First thing I gasped to Leslie once I got a breath back in was "God Almighty! That's a kevlar K-1!!!" Mike eventually says "really? well, it's yours if you want it."

I have done fairly extensive research on it, mostly to see if anyone lost this boat and wants it back, since Mike pulled it out of a trash snag under a bridge. Nobody has issued the vaguest such alert, and believe me, I have direct contact with the Texas racing community. Besides, I'm told, I now have "salvage rights" to it. So there ya have the ownership questioned settled.

I plan to take this boat to the Texas Kayak Builders' Bash and see who can stay in it and who can't... heheheheh. I may or may not have mastered it myself before we go, all depends on the water temperatures. But as soon as it warms up enough that I don't mind swimming, me and this rocket are gonna get to know each other. Ohhhh, yes... we're going to get to know each other realll welll. I h'ain't met the horse yet what broke ME, pard.

Phil, I've been told it is a Kirten boat, probably built in 1984 and certified for use in qualification rounds for the 1986 Olympic Games. Or something like that. I have a regular dossier built up on it now, and most of it just makes me dizzy to read. But I'll put it together before long and letcha know everything I do about it.

Cheers, Kurt

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