Go CLC!! Rah! Rah!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Mar 5, 2005

"It's also less expensive at CLC for a 3" X 24" X 24" piece."

Yup, yup, yup...!

Problem is, CLC doesn't offer Dragonskin. You lissenin' John??

So check out Midwest Kayaks, operated by a guy named Kurt. Kurt Hoffman, that is, who I wouldn't know if he bit me on the ankle. I've never ordered anything from him either, but with a name like Kurt, it's GOT to be good.


Anyway, Dragonskin is the bee's knees for shaping minicell (it's kind of a metallic sandpaper). I ought to know, too. I've tried everything else, in more ways than one, and now have 6 carved seats to my credit. All are fantastic successes -- I cannot endorse minicell seats or Dragonskin enthusiastically enough!

It does my heart good to see CLC offering so many great things for us at such great prices! But CLC needs to add 3M Dragonskin to the ol' list of supplies.

Cheers, Kurt

In Response to: Re: It is also.... by Ken Leffert on Mar 5, 2005